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Pollen tincture

For centuries, pollen has been used as food and as an alternative medicinal substance.

The liquid pollen tincture contains a variety of nutrients, being known by ancient cultures with application in many conditions, providing multiple benefits that can be absorbed and utilized by the body directly.

Without a doubt, bee pollen finds popularity among athletes mainly due to strengthening and energy, with a simultaneous increase in endurance, but also endurance along with speed. It can also help the body recover from exercise, with a return to normal breathing and a normal heart rate. Pollen grains are easily digested by the body and their carbohydrates are digested quickly so the brain has the fuel it needs to maintain mental alertness, sharpness and focus. Bee pollen works as a natural anti-depressant and can lower blood pressure levels, (high blood pressure and treat depression). The pollen tincture also has antioxidant properties that protect against free radicals that are responsible for many forms of disease and aging in humans. Bee pollen also helps to improve the brain from any unwanted electrical stimulations such as epilepsy and to normalize liver enzymes. It reduces inflammation, soothes itching and moisturizes dry skin. Pollen yields results for the treatment of various allergies and acne. Internally and externally, it nourishes the skin and stimulates cell renewal. Its variety of benefits ranges from treating the prostate in men to increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. It is also recommended for the treatment of childhood asthma and the relief of childhood allergies. While it can be applied to allergic rhinitis, diarrhea, menstrual problems, rheumatism and urinary problems by making regular use.

Pollen is often called “nature’s perfect food” since man can live on only pollen and water. In addition, it improves not only endurance and energy, but also acuity, concentration and normal mental health. Many people use it to combat fatigue. Athletes, including Olympians, can take Pollen tincture as an herbal supplement to improve athletic performance and prevent post-workout exhaustion. Unlike caffeinated beverages that quickly increase energy due to adrenal hyperactivity, pollen tincture does not trick the body into producing the chemical that will give a temporary boost while simultaneously providing natural energy by providing nutrients that are missing from the daily diet of many people.

Pollen has extremely high levels of antioxidants with simultaneous anti-carcinogenic properties and is effective in delaying the development of cancerous tumors. In addition, it helps to reduce the side effects of radiation while also being applied in cases of nausea, inflammation of the bladder, anorexia and swelling of the intestine, colic, as well as against the effects of environmental and chemical toxins.

Pollen is considered one of the best sources of nutrients (helping us to acquire immunity) that stimulate the glands and strengthen the body’s natural defenses, while at the same time eliminating harmful toxins throughout the system. Contains 22 amino acids, excellent help in the immune system to compensate for the effects of radiation and protection against chemical pollutants. Immunity helps the body avoid disease, resist infection, and easily fight off many common ailments, including colds and other viral infections, bronchitis, asthma, and more.

Pollen strengthens the immune system by protecting it from viral infections. It has antibiotic and anti-viral properties, destroys harmful intestinal flora, helps with bowel diseases and diarrhea in general. In addition, it can neutralize toxic waste in the intestines and improve the health of the blood. Antibacterial and antifungal properties produce positive results against Candida and other fungi. It has also been used in the treatment of period pains and associated symptoms.

Pollen is a help for people with allergies since, due to the improvement of the immune system, the body’s natural defense against allergic reactions is also stimulated. Also, the substance that can cause allergic reactions, finds resistance thanks to the substance produced by our body which is due to the pollen and the relief it provides acting as a herbal antihistamine.

With bee pollen being an excellent source of amino acids and fatty acids, the overall mental balance and overall mental well-being is stabilized and emotional outbursts are avoided. It also acts as an adjunct to anger management treatments as it can increase emotional stability.
The pollen is very beneficial in the treatment of the prostate. In ancient natural medicine, pollen grains have been used to relax the urethral and sphincter muscles and increase bladder muscle contractions. All this makes it capable of treating prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The use of pollen is also applicable to weight loss because it contains a mixture of nutrients that is said to have a stabilizing effect on the metabolic rate of our body with the final result in the regulation of weight control, to achieve weight loss, obesity as well as weight gain but also for low weight, which is why it is used in the treatment of anorexia nervosa.

As a body revitalizing and energy enhancing product, pollen tincture also aids in sexual performance, especially in older adults who experience reduced sex hormone secretions and shrinking reproductive organs.

Regular use of pollen tincture makes the skin look smoother, younger and healthier and is also effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face as it is an excellent toner for the skin, providing it with increased elasticity.

Due to the fact that hair needs nutrients that we get from our food and considering that pollen is the most complete source of food and nutrition in the world, hair becomes healthier. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), pollen has been used to stimulate hair growth due to its rich cysteine content. Hair has been found to grow effectively. Pollen, rich in Vitamin A, an antioxidant that helps maintain natural oils on the scalp, Calcium and Magnesium for hair growth, Vitamin C that maintains healthy hair and skin, Vitamin E and Vitamin B3 that benefits and improves circulation of the scalp, copper, vitamins B5, B6, B12 and iron which strengthens hair and prevents hair loss, manganese which improves hair growth, potassium which promotes and helps circulation, and sulfur which creates stronger hair. After all, regular and consistent use of the pollen will even keep unwanted gray hair at bay or at least extend the graying time.

The pollen tincture provides the body with the benefits of consuming raw pollen with the additional advantage of its high bioavailability, due to its direct exposure to the bloodstream, being immediately absorbable by people with stomach ailments or other ailments that prevent its absorption from oral intake. Its sublingual use makes it possible to take it with or without food. In addition, raw pollen can cause allergies in people who already show a predisposition, but pollen tincture not only does not increase the chances of allergies, but eliminates them! While, it also brings results against itching in the spring months which comes from the pollen that circulates in the atmosphere and is a nuisance for many people. The use of tincture does not discriminate between anyone. Every person, regardless of age, can enjoy its benefits. Our continuous study with the knowledge we have gained over the years combined with our experience, contact with eminent scientists and experts in the field have made it possible to create a remarkable product with multiple benefits for the consumer, providing a product with multiple benefits. The super-enrichment of our product with royal jelly plus a significant number of rare and hard-to-find herbs optimizes its quality, enabling the consumer to reap its benefits. Because we are not satisfied only with the simple trust of the customer, but even more important is the profit he will get from using it. Know, try and judge.!

This particular product is ONLY used sublingually so that it can be absorbed immediately and quickly. That’s why we don’t care if someone is fasting or is full.
The first 3 days – 1-3 drops 3 times a day ONLY under the tongue.
From the 3rd DAY onwards – 6-12 drops as many times as we want ONLY under the tongue.